5 tips for flight attendants to stay healthy while on a long flight

Being a flight attendant has its own downsides that comes with the job. Fatigue, irregular sleep, jetlag, unhealthy meals at inappropriate times are all that a flight attendant has to face on a daily basis.

However, it is very important for you to be physically fit in other to cope with the stress and fatigue of the job. Below are 5 tips that could help you stay healthy while you work at 34,000 ft above the ground:

#1: Always stay hydrated

Water is important to your body and flying dehydrates the body quickly. Ensure you regularly drink water for the whole time of the flight.

#2: get enough rest before your flight

You need to conserve enough energy for the journey. So, ensure you rest your body with your eyes closed even if you are not going to sleep.

#3: calm the mind and body with yoga or meditation

These are great ways to keep yourself calm and also help you deal with the stress of flying.

#4: you may need to sleep

Whenever you can, try to get some sleep to help your body recover quickly from jet lag. 45 minutes sleep will go a long way to help.

#5: Exercise

Once down-route, try to get some light exercise to help repair those tired feet after a long flight. You can decide to just take a walk or use a gym.

These are just very few things you can do as a flight attendant to keep you physically healthy while you also fuel your career.

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